Why Nepalese living abroad complain so much about Nepal?

Often, whenever I am at a party or gathering with fellow Nepalese abroad the “bad” situation in Nepal pops up immediately. It goes like this
… someone was at Nepal recently; they describe their awful experiences at the Tribhuwan International Airport because they were holding foreign passport
…someone had to do some registration and they were troubled with paperwork
… how expensive Nepal is
… how terrible the transport is
… how late the things are
… greedy friends in Nepal
… so on and on the list goes on

Few years ago I was an active contributor to those discussions but lately I have come to the realization that those who live abroad exaggerate situations in Nepal. Why are people even comparing Nepal with Europe or America or any other developed country? It is like comparing apple with oranges.

The ground reality is that Nepal is in current shape because of people like us fleeing Nepal. We do not have the guts to face the situation but to find excuses. We complain so much about the worsening situation but we have done next to nothing to make situation better.
Truth is there is possibility for activism in Nepal to change situation for better. True activist like Balen Shah from Kathmandu and Harka Raj Rai from Dharan are facing the reality and changing it.
We are all complain do nothing.