Top 10 facts about Nepal-India relationship

Here are ten facts about the relationship between Nepal and India:

  1. Nepal and India share a long and complex history, with cultural and religious ties dating back centuries.
  2. Nepal and India are connected by an open border, which has facilitated close economic and social ties between the two countries.
  3. India is one of Nepal’s largest trading partners, and Nepal relies heavily on India for its imports and exports.
  4. Both countries are members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), a regional organization that promotes economic and cultural cooperation.
  5. Nepal and India have a treaty of peace and friendship, which was signed in 1950 and has played a key role in maintaining good relations between the two countries.
  6. There have been occasional tensions in the relationship, including over issues such as water resources and border disputes.
  7. Nepal has a significant population of people of Indian origin, and there is a significant Indian diaspora in Nepal.
  8. India has provided significant economic and technical assistance to Nepal, including in the fields of infrastructure development and capacity building.
  9. Nepal and India have strong cultural and religious ties, with Hinduism being the dominant religion in both countries and a shared cultural heritage.
  10. The two countries have a robust bilateral relationship and cooperate on a wide range of issues, including security, trade, and development.