Please identify this song

I’m in UK and love all types of music, I used to have a satellite dish and watched Nepali TV! I recorded this song but have never been able to track down the artist and track


Hi @Andyroo66

You can find original song and singer’s details here Ubho Ubho Lekha Ma | Official Song | Bijay Lama | Selo Song | Chandra Kumar Moktan| Min Sagar Lama | - YouTube

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thank you so much !!
are the lyrics available anywhere? would be good to find out what it means

@Andyroo66 The singer describes his experience traveling up in the mountain where the forest has a beautiful fragrance; the singer then describes how he met a girl with a beautiful smile. It is basically a love song/ romantic song.

thanks so much
Please may I ask what does “Ubho Ubho Lekha Ma” mean in English approxomately
Thank You

Ubho = up
Lekhama = in the mountain

Lekh (Lake) does not have a direct translation but it simply is a remote mountain area mostly used for grazing / rearing cattles etc.

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