Why Nepali want Aboard Study?

We need to consider many things before deciding about going to abroad. If we are economically strong then it is better option to study both bachelor’s and master’s degree in abroad and for earn also .Many peoples goes to abroad for study , There are different scenarios of how studying abroad helps us;
• Primary reasons to study abroad;
• Quality of education is high than the domestic country.
• To get degree from well-recognized Universities.
• To settle in abroad after study.
• Study and work to earn money.
As mentioned above; if we have enough money then it is very better option to go abroad after 12th. Because, we will accustom and understand the people, learn new things, new language which can help in career building. By the end of bachelor’s degree, we will gain the required information for starting our career along with the academic skills and job skills. We can find the job opportunities easily after bachelors.
Europe and Asian countries would be the best destinations for
bachelor’s degree. Eg. Germany, Netherland, France, Singapore and India.
Most of the people prefer to go abroad after degree to pursue
masters and work to earn money. If our aim is to get a master’s degree from reputed business school then it is a good option. For master’s program, we need to have a work experience. It depends on the school
we applying for. Studying abroad improves our knowledge and we will become an expert in the subject. After the master’s we will get more career opportunities. Studying master’s abroad increases the working opportunities.