Why majority of Nepalese are attracted to Government job instead of private sector?

Regarding the Government job, it’s time entry is a lifelong job. Within attractive feasibility and benefits, most of the jobs become respectable and powerful mostly in the administration sectors. No more workload small added workload makes value for extra attractive incentives. as compare to the private job most of the Nepali Private jobs are insecure and Hard laborious within boss centric, private high level get attractive incentive but the lower level is always insecure and Hardworking.
So majorities of Nepali attract to be the Governmental officer rather than be an entrepreneur or start-up the venture, most of the Nepali Parents are Happy to achieve the governmental job of their child. Most of our educational faculties also more ever based on theory rather than practical based this also motivated us for the governmental job.

Majority of Nepali attract to the governmental job rather
than private jobs. The main reason is job security. People
working in Government sector will not face job loss threats
and their job is secured till their retirement. There is no job
security in private firm. Well! A government job or a sarkari
nakuri do have many benefits that a private job cannot offer.
There are many reasons that makes complete sense, why
majority of people are interested in government jobs.

  1. Every month salary on time
    Whether the country is in great economic depression or
    milk and honey is flowing on the streets, it does not
    matter. In both circumstances, we will get our monthly
    salary on time. However, in a private job a person will
    get his salary only if company is making profit, when
    company stops making profit then no salary for
  2. Pensionable till death
    : Next great thing about a government job is we get pension until we die. This is a complete insurance of our life. But no Private Job gives us pension.
  3. Job Security
  4. Good Salary
  5. Perks and bonuses
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