Why is iOS better than Android?

People have their own preference while buying them a mobile phone, while most of them still get confused to find the best phone for them, and the confusion is mostly “Android or iOS?”. Here are some of the points described in which iOS excels the Android phone.

  1. Optimization: Apple, which is the hardware of the phone itself, designates what components and specifications in the phone. And the software that is built in the phone itself, so optimizing in this way means fully taking advantage of the hardware using the least battery. This means it is very good to have a synergy of hardware and software on the iPhone. All the devices work well together and run smoothly.

2.Camera Quality: If we talk about the camera quality of the iPhone and Android phones, then the camera quality of the iPhone is very good. Its picture quality is as good as the quality of a DSLR camera. Even if the camera of an android is 16 MP, it can not match the quality of the 12 MP camera of the iPhone.

3.After-Sales: After-sales means how iPhone and Android help you after selling your phone. An iPhone is much better than an android phone regardless of any company. If you have taken an iPhone and there is any kind of problem in it, you can go to the Apple store. If it can be fixed then it’s okay, but if it can not be fixed, you will get a new phone in return for that old phone.