Why Bachelor Engineering In Nepal rather then Aboard?

Bachelor is the entrance for the Specialization of your future Professional, also we have to know our Eco System and Environment for different factor to develop the Nation and also for our Originality. Therefore Bachelor Engineering is more important in Nepal than abroad, after Bachelor, it’s a good option for Subject Specialization. We can find out the emerging Engineering Courses from the different universities of Nepal. Like TU institute of Engineering, Pokhara University, and many more which have Bachelor and Master Degree in Engineering Faculties.

Actually, as someone who did Engineering abroad, I could say that if your aim is to go back to Nepal, it would be wise to go back to Nepal as soon as you finish your Bachelor’s degree. If you start to work abroad for a while and then you might suffer from comparison mania, “bidesh ma ta yesto huncha”, which is totally wrong in my opinion. You can not simply compare Norway with Nepal.