What's it like to be a dentist in Nepal?

How are the wages like? Where can you study?

Dentist is the field which is required in large amount in developing country like Nepal. But due to dental treatment cost and low level of education among people, dental field isn’t given so much importance. Many people don’t know who the dentist are and what they do. So, many people visit physician for oral and dental problem also. People only want symptomatic treatment with medication or they want to extract the tooth but in rare case only they want to save the tooth.Dental education is necessary in developing country like Nepal from school level and government level. Dentist is also underpaid in Nepal so many dentist now a days are seeing for side businesses. In conclusion, there is need of dentist in developing country like Nepal with many oral problem but due to many inappropriate scenarios in Nepal, dentist aren’t able to do their duty appropriately.

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