What excites you the most about Technology?

Being a technical student, everything about technology is exciting to me. I really love the fact how it has compressed the huge world into tiny routes. It has almost all the information from all over the world literally at our fingertips. I also love the fact, it has been providing an abundant amount of resources and knowledge about any skills. Any level of beginners or learners can explore the world of technology and flourish their skills from wherever. whenever and however they want to. people of every age group can explore and flourish in this field of technology with no limit.

But to be peculiar about one thing that really excites me about technology is its dynamic nature. It’s a really dynamic and unpredictable thing, you never know what’s next. Technology is always changing. You can just imagine or you can innovate. The imagination of what may be the next innovation in technology is one thing that really excites me most about technology.