What do you love and hate working as a nurse in Nepal?

What has been your experience? Is it hard? Is the wage fair?

As a nurse in nepal, I think it too hard to get job if you do not have your close relatives in the higher post or good background in politics in government sector. By chance if you get placement on private sector then they just want us to work in free or in low wage🥲
While talking about the loksewa, First of all every-year there is few vacant seats and second thing there is so many quotas.🥲

Every hospital want nurses to work as volunteers for so many months🥲. How to forget the dominating behavior of doctors and senior staff😳

Happiest moment when elders people says thank to us😁. Even the younger Nepalese do not understand the value of nurses.🥲

People think the nurses as the doctors assistant. People are unknown about nursing is an independent professional.:relieved:

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