What do I love the most about my place?

I am a native of Bhedabri, Gaindakot-11, Nawalpur (Nepal). Since the day I was able to see and feel the place at the same time, I have always been a fan of the ambiance that this place offers.

It has the highest forest range of Nepal, Churia Hills on the South and the deepest river of Nepal flowing, Narayani on the North. The cool breeze coming from the bank of the Narayani and the fresh air coming from the Churia Hills mountains makes you feel like breathing in heaven. There are also lots of fascinating arts and cultures that narrate the history of Nepal.

Kailash Dham is one of the most famous and is considered to be the oldest temple of Nawalpur. It has been listed as one of the historical heritage sites of Nepal. There are many sculptures and statues of the ancient period. It carries huge historical as well as traditional norms and values. It lies on the bank of the Narayani River and is highly visited by a number of local as well as foreign pilgrims. There are lots of stones that are carved and are believed to be from many years ago. Local people visit this place on every occasion possible.

Besides the renowned schools, hospitals, and many more temples at this place, it also has some playgrounds and some badminton courts, volleyball courts and so on, to provide refreshment to the people. People here are friendly. All in all, this is one of the best places to have your home in. Away from the chaos of the city and imminent to the village, this place has nothing but a fresh and clean environment to offer. And this is what I have always loved about it.

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