What are the top 5 social media websites?

People have always been looking for a medium to get connected with each other in day-to-day life. And social media help people to do so. Today we will discuss some of the social media sites that are trending among people.

  1. Facebook: Facebook is by far the most widely used and the largest social networking site in the whole world. It is the first app that surpassed the landmark of a 1 billion user account. Almost a third of the world’s population is using Facebook every month. Apart from chatting or sharing pictures and videos, one can even market or promote their business and products.

  2. Instagram: Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking site, later on, a chat service was added to it. It is one of the trending apps. This app is best suited for people broadcasting their day-to-day life in society. It had a limit of video that it should not exceed 1 minute, but recently it has added an IGTV facility. It has more than 400 million active users per month.

  3. Tik Tok: Tik Tok is a Chinese music video-sharing social networking site. It is a platform where one can showcase their talent in a short time. It had a time limit of 15 seconds before, now it has extended it to a minute. It was the world’s most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2018, beating Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps and now it has more than 500 million active users per month.

  4. Youtube: Youtube is one of the largest video sharing platforms and the second-largest social media site. It is owned by Google. There are over 1 billion people who watch youtube. It is said that over 300 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute, and 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube on a single day. There are barely any videos that you search and youtube won’t give you.

  5. WhatsApp: WhatsApp is an American messaging app that was released in 2009 and is now used in more than 180 countries. It is considered to be the most famous among all the message sending apps and has more than 1 billion active users per month. WhatsApp is used mostly used in India. This app is free to use and is the most secure one.