What are the most popular messaging apps?

There are a lot of messaging apps developed to serve the people in easy access with their people. We have shortlisted some five of the messaging apps that are known to be the most popular messaging app to date. Below mentioned apps can be used both in ios and android.

1.WhatsApp: It is an American freeware, messaging app that was released in 2009. WhatsApp is considered to be the most famous among all the message sending apps invented to date with more than 1 billion users. It allows you to send voice clips, do video calls, chat and voice calls, send photos, and many more. India is considered to be the country where WhatsApp is used most.

2.Facebook Messenger: You can use the Facebook Messenger app is free. It allows easy voice, and video calling. It also allows sending pictures, chats with different reactions, and stickers which make it fun to use. More than 1 billion people are using the Facebook messenger app in today’s world.

3.Viber: Viber is free to download a messaging app. It allows to chat, send pictures, send videos. One fact is if you want to add anyone to your Viber, you should have their contact number. however, both parties do not need to have Viber to do Viber call.

  1. IMO: IMO is a free and simple messaging app. It allows video calls, voice calls at the cheapest price among other messaging app. While contacting IMO both the parties need to have IMO installed on their phone or PCs. one thing I like about it is it doesn’t share the number in the profile and keep it private and secure.

  2. We chat: We chat is one of the free messaging and calling apps. It was developed by a Chinese company in 2011 and in 2018 it became the world’s largest standalone app. It supports the conference calls when there are people using we chat on the other end.