What are the famous ISP's provided in Nepal?

ISP actually provides us service of the internet. So that we can use any website to visit or youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other services using the internet. Today we will discuss some of the popular ISP’s provided in Nepal.

  1. Worldlink: Worldlink is one the oldest Internet service provider in Nepal, it is considered to be one of the largest ISPs in Nepal. It is providing its service in 63 out of 77 districts of Nepal. since its establishment, it is hitting up the isp market to date. It provides cable zoom, fiber zoom, and unlimited broadband packages for homes.

  2. NTC ADSL: NTC ADSL is considered to be one of the cheapest ISP of Nepal that charges 900 Nrs. per month for 192 kbps. You can also use the service that provides 384 kbps that charges NRs. 1500 per month. It fits the residential purpose. It was found that it is providing service in more than 40 districts in Nepal.

3.Vianet: Vianet is one of the leading ISPs in Nepal and is providing the service with greater efficiency in almost every corner of the cities of Nepal. It provides high-speed Internet connectivity and communications solutions for businesses and individuals. Vianet was the first to use FTTH internet service in Nepal.

  1. Subisu: Subisu provides cable and fiber internet as well as Digital TV services. It is the first and only Cable Internet Service Provider and the only Cable operator in Nepal to have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications. Subisu is providing ts service in 65 districts out of 77 in Nepal.

  2. Broadlink: Broadlink is one of the wireless isp of Nepal, that provides various internet packages and internet-based VoIP services. There are more than 120 locations inside the valley and more than 70 locations outside the valley, in which the broad link hotspot lies. It is using 3G connectivity.