What are the Best camera apps for android?

Every person wants to capture common moments and make them special but sometimes pictures do not come in your phone like you want. Every person wants to look smart and cool in a picture but go for the right camera and great app. There are many great camera apps on the Play Store, although you will not be able to use them due to a lack of information. So today we will tell you about some of the best camera apps for Android.

1.DSLR camera pro: You can get all those modes of the DSLR camera in this app. It has autofocus, manual features, exposure control, and different other features that a camera included. It consists of all the features that are in a normal DSLR camera.

  1. Camera MX: Along with basic features like tap to focus, zoom, timer, it has an FX menu, which has many filters, frames, and photo effects. It also has many features to balance white balance, contrast, and color. It enhances the quality of the picture. It offers a panorama and live shoot facilities too.

  2. Camera 360: Camera 360 is a free beauty camera that has more than 800 million users to date. It consists of all the professional editing filters, tools, and options. This camera app is special in that it has many shot modes. Through this, you can do better photography quickly and with less editing.

  3. Retrica: This is also a great app that you will definitely feel great using. Retrica features can make beautiful photos, collages, videos, and even Gifs. You can turn your smartphone into a photo booth by using this app.

  4. Teleport: Teleport consists of very next-level features. It has got some best editing options. You can take an instant picture and change its background. You can change your hair color, skin color, and other facial features.