Opinion: Old parents in Nepal while abroad

Having old parents back home in Nepal while you try to build your future abroad can be a sickening experience and it can be worse if you are the only child, your parents are sick and you have no way to bring your parents to the host country.

This is especially true if you have taken residency or citizenship from any country in Europe. It is possible to bring your child and spouse but not your parents. Even if it would be possible, would they be happy?

In Nepal, you have sunshine, relatives, festival and different social circle compares to a totally different life in Europe for your parents. In a way, it feels hard to carry the burden and you always have this thought at the back of your head that you have to move someday. This creates a dilemma.

There is nothing out of extraordinary you do in Europe. You work… wait for the weekend and so on. The clockwork continues and when you see colleagues who have decided to stay in Nepal then you realize you had the time to decide and you could have stayed. But then when you talk to the people in Nepal they still long for leaving for Europe or the USA.

Back to the question of taking care of your old parents while abroad. What is your thought? It feels immoral at some point but you are faced with the dark reality that you have no base to start in Nepal and perhaps you do not have courage. You might one day decide to move and then what’s next?

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