Opinion: LGBT community in Nepal

Nepal is a rare country when it comes to the topic of LGBT. Conservative yet open to the world and new ideas. Nepalese often do not confront or resist the ideas of someone being a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trans. It surprises me how Nepalese have such deep-rooted traditions yet accept such ideas.
Even though Nepalese society is conservative and neutral towards such topics; the Nepalese constitution also guarantees human rights for all regardless of gender, caste, reed, nationality, etc.

According to How Did Nepal Become a Global LGBT Rights Beacon? | Human Rights Watch, report by human rights watch, Nepal is a beacon of LGBT right.

Some important articles are

  1. Article 12 states that citizens will be allowed to choose their preferred gender identity on their
    citizenship document. The choices available are male, female or other.
  2. Article 18 states that gender and sexual minorities will not be discriminated against by the state and
    by the judiciary in the application of laws. It further adds that the government may make special
    provisions through laws to protect, empower and advance the rights of gender and sexual
    minorities and other marginalized and minority groups.
  3. Article 42 lists gender and sexual minorities among the groups that have a right to participate in
    state mechanisms and public services to promote inclusion.