**Online Business Ideas on Nepal 2021**

  1. e-commerce selling

  2. Dropshipping

  3. Blogging

  4. Affiliate Marketing

  5. Online Tuition

  6. Website Design & Development

  7. Social Media Influencer

  8. Digital Marketing Agency

  9. Online Course Instructor

  10. Video Creation Company

This is the same best online business idea in Nepal. E-Commerce has grown up to high within the last few years in Nepal and is expected to make 17.5% of global retail sales by the end of 2021”. No doubt, we are living in the era of digitalization, where being online is essential. The importance of online business is extremely high for the success of a business. There has a high number of internet users within the past few years. In the case Of Nepal there was also 10.78 million active internet user, so the online business is one of the best business in Nepal.