Mental health and Covid 19

As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly sweeps across the world being the burning issue of today,the main psychological impact to date is elevated rates of stress or anxiety. It has been affecting the regular schedule of peoples live. The routines,usual activities, livelihood of weekdays and weekends have been disrupted by it.

On one side, people have lost their jobs,business, started working from homes. On the other side, family functions, get togethers, celebrations and out door activities, vacations are halted.

When uncertainities strike the lives in such devastating way, it is inducing a considerable degree of fear, worry, anxiety,stress and concern in the population in general and among certain groups in particular, such as older adults, care providers and people with underlying health conditions. Besides, due to quarantine levels of loneliness, depression, harmful alcohol and drug use, and self-harm or suicidal behaviour are also expected to rise.

In contrary, if we understand the law of attraction, it says " The more we think, believe and imagine something, the more we attract it in our life"
It implies that, if we in any case are more occupied with the belief of covid attacking us, the more we are inviting it in our life.

So, emotional health is the demand of time. As we can avoid physical illness with our strong physical immunity in the time of flu and cold, we can avoid the emotional ilness of fear and anxiety by developing our emotional health, positive self talks ,meditation, yoga, and inculcating positive attitude within.