Job opportunities in Nepal

Jobs are scarce in Nepal which explains why thousands of Nepalese flock to Europe, Amrica, Middle East, Australia etc. in search of job and better life.

Export people are scarce then scarce of job, our education system is more theoretical then Practical, and we learn the simple things in Complex so Job opportunities are hidden on journey of life. Nepal is Virgin country for every sector so i see bundle of Opportunities Everywhere?

we learn things to make us suitable to find a job so we are neither here neither there. What would be a good idea is to learn what you wanna really learn and then see if you can find anything suitable in Nepal. If not , go abroad and get employed in that field. Get employed whether you are in Nepal or abroad , what matters is you love what you are doing rather than imposing pseudo patriotism and staying in Nepal. World is a small village so move on . Get beyond the boundary of wanting to be a proud Nepali.

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