Is it possible for Nepal to be the richest country?

Yes, the Statement “Heaven is Myth Nepal is Real” describes the Best and most important factor be richest are Tourism and minerals. Materials the most expensive Ureniam and many more types of minerals are available and they are secure till dates also the most Naturally Made Tourism area are located in Nepal, so by that systematic consumption and Promotion Make Nepal Richest as soon.

Impossible is nothing but we have to check our current state. Nepal is close to a failed state and one of the poorest countries in the world. So was Norway, South Korea if we go back 50 70 years back in time.

On a summer afternoon back in 2010, I was talking with a German acquaintance about Germany and how Germany managed to get where it is even after the devastation of 1945, his answer still rings in my ears: Germany only lost physical infrastructure but not the brains and the patriotic Germans who rebuilt their nation to make it an economical powerhouse of Europe.
So, for Nepal to be anything close to rich we need skilled manpower and visionaries and with the brain drain we see and the mismanagement at the current level it might be hard to achieve that goal.

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