Is it normal to feel Stressed?

It is normal to have stress or tension. It is felt when dealing with a situation becomes difficult. When tension occurs, adrenaline starts running throughout our bodies. The heart rate increases and mental and physical consciousness increases greatly. We sweat, feel the sensation and sometimes the whole body weeps. Two problems related to mental health have become common nowadays. Especially in the young generation, such problems are seen very much. These problems are called stress and anxiety. If your mind is not working in your work, you feel tired all the time and some thoughts keep going in your mind all the time, then it is important that you take care of your mental health. So that the quality of both work and health remains.

The mind will remain in its place and will work properly only then we can also perform well. This is what we all know. But the problem is that despite knowing it, we are not able to apply this thing in life. If mental health is not good, then it is difficult to present yourself in the right way whether it is homework or office, whether it is about personal relations or social relations. Learn here how you can manage stress and anxiety in your everyday life.

  1. Take a deep breath

  2. Take diet according to the weather

  3. Do exercise

  4. Limit the use of mobile

  5. Eat healthily