Is it a good idea to go abroad after +2?

I left Nepal when I was only 19 years old and had just completed +2. It was a hell of a ride moving to Europe for abroad Study. With no real skill than cleaning, I had to start from ground up and it was not easy. I used to work from 9 pm until 2pm and then I had to go to college in the morning starting from 8 am.

At that time, I was thinking if it would have been a good decision to complete my bachelor’s degree in Nepal and then move abroad for further study.

After 12, we are in dilemma whether to go abroad for further study and job opportunities or to stay in own native country. Well it’s all depends on our interest or our path.
Actually, foreign countries have quite different education system from our education system and every country has a different way to educate their students and has different criteria for job opportunities.
Being honest, it’s a risky decision to plan for abroad. It includes crippling homesickness, high cost and cultural barriers. Staying and studying away from home can be tough even we have only moved across the country or to another state. So, just think how much tougher it would be to stay in a place that is miles away from home and a country which has vastly different rules & regulations and culture. In addition, we will have to factor in considerable moving costs when we plan to study abroad. And also we may initially have to face some problems with language and cultural barriers.
Besides these disadvantages, there are many advantages of choosing abroad for study and job opportunities. The worth of studying abroad include learning a new language, boosting our resume and experiencing new things. This actively demonstrates that studying and staying abroad really does broaden our horizons. It enables us see things from another point of view which turns us into more open minded person. We will be able to pull out some amusing urban myths about our attempts to deal with cultural shock. We can get to learn new language. Also we can improve our fluency if we already know the basics of their language. In addition, we can grab better learning opportunities. Not only has this, moving to foreign country taken out of our comfort zone. It enables us to be independent that means we don’t have to rely on family members for support. This gives us the opportunity to confront any social anxieties we may have and become a confident person. As a result we will realize our worth and do much more than we previously thought.
To sum up everything that has been stated so far, the disadvantages tend to be worse-case scenario which can be overcome. So, don’t let the idea of going abroad be discouraged by the disadvantages, going abroad put you off making an important life decision that will bring you a worth of benefits.