Is it a good idea to choose nursing career in Nepal?

Nepal has been producing nurses at a rapid rate. Thanks to the increasing number of institutions providing nursing study. There is also a growing trend to study nursing with the hope to find a job abroad in Europe, Canada, Australia, Europe, or the Middle East. The salary in those country are handsome and attracts nursing talents from poor countries like Nepal.
The salary in the Private sector is not very attractive regardless of your experience. So, most nurses usually work in Nepal for experience and then move abroad to find better opportunities.

According to this report, the following are the top ten countries pays the highest salary for nurses

  1. Luxemburg - $105,749
  2. Iceland - $87,635
  3. United States - $74,250
  4. Australia - $72,271
  5. Norway - $66,647
  6. Isreal - $63,541
  7. The Netherlands - * $60,253
  8. Switzerland - $58,041
  9. Republic of Ireland - $57,663
  10. New Zealand - $56,318

Some factors to consider when moving abroad for working or studying as a nurse are:

  • language
  • living cost
  • the welfare system, etc.

Language especially can be a big barrier. Most European countries speak different languages and knowledge of English is not sufficient to land a job as a local unless you are a quick language learner.

If you are planning to build your future abroad (Canada, Australia, UK, USA), then it’s a good idea to choose a nursing career. Do not forget about the Nclex exam. But you choose to have a future in Nepal, and you do not belong to any quotas then it is not a good idea to choose a nursing career in Nepal as it’s hard to get a government job.

Don’t want to talk about the private sector basic salary. They just pay a low salary and want nurses to work as donkeys.

Nurses in Nepal can easily burnout.
( More workload, low salary, no motivation, no respect, dominating behavior of doctors, senior staff)

People think that all the mistakes in the health sector are done by nurses but not by any other health personal. The nursing union in Nepal is just a union with no voice.

I personally suggest people take a decision by themselves about their future. Your decision does not need to be matched with your best friend, relative or parent’s decision.It’s you to take a decision about your career.