How to recover the Manual penalty of a site without losing SEO?

Below mentioned are some of the steps applied to recover a site from a penalty without loosing SEO.

  1. Find all your backlink: After connecting with your Google Analytics account, you can import your links and you can see all of the backlinks on your site. Once after verifying, the backlinks to your site, identify the bad ones. Once you have identified the bad backlinks, you can set a filter that is not related to your site and that might hurt your ranking. And most importantly it won’t harm your SEO too.

  2. Do not disavow your links: A lot of so-called experts and websites advocate disavow your bad backlinks as soon as your websites are penalized and tend to submit a reconsideration request. But this has never led to the desired result and this process is not needed because Google has its own algorithm to detect the quality of a low and label it as low or unnatural quality. Not Disavowing your link is one of the best methods to recover your site without loosing SEO.

  3. The 301 Method:
    The 301 redirect penalty recovery method is usually the first course for many webmasters to recover their lost ranking. But this method only works if you are able to give up your current domain and move your site to a new domain. For this method to take place your need to follow some steps:
    i. Register a new domain.
    ii. Create a backup of your penalized website.
    iii. Set up a new hosting account for domain B.
    iv. Install the backup of domain A on the new hosting account.
    v. 301 redirect domain A to domain B.