How to make a website faster?

Nothing is really frustrating than a slow website. So, today we will discuss some points that help you to make your website faster.

  1. Use Google page speed: It is the tool provided by Google that will show you what is causing your website to load slow. It will analyze it and give you a score. If your score is amazing then you are doing a great job but if you have a terrible score it will even show you what to fix to improve your speed.

  2. Improve your hosting plan: When we first start out, We search for the cheap way and go sign up with that. And as sites start to grow wider in usage and content, it starts to get slower. And you can overcome this problem by upgrading your hosting plans by moving to a VPS or any dedicated options.

  3. Use a CDN: A CDN is a Content Delivery Network. It means they take your website and they put it all over the globe. So, when someone is coming to your website from the US, even though your website is hosted in Nepal, they will replicate your site and put it on a server in the US, so that way all the people in the US can see your website right away. Akamai is a company that offers CDN solutions.

  4. Cache your webpages: Page caching in most cases only works for repeat visitors. If you are a WordPress blog it is really simple, you can use a plugin called W3 Total Cache. If you are not a WordPress user, reach out to your developer or your server hosting. They will provide you with favorable solutions.

  5. Make images internet-friendly: The image size used on the website makes a huge difference in your site speed. The larger size your images are the slower the site is. Some basic way to reduce their size is by shrinking the file sizes of images on your site, changing their resolution, or cropping the pictures.