How to make a Payoneer master card in Nepal?

There are two ways of getting the Payoneer master card in Nepal. One is free and another is $30. In order to get Payoneer MasterCard without cost, The first thing you have to do is go to the website named PropellerAds. Once you go in there, you click the signup button. As soon as you click it it will ask either you are a publisher or an advertiser. You have to choose according to your work. For common people like us should choose a publisher and fill-up the form that appears after that. It also asks you the account type either you are making a Payoneer card for a company or individual use.

After a certain time, it will send an activation link to your email address, and then you click verify account. After you verify it, you need to set a password for your account and then you get a verified propeller. After that, you go to the profile setting and choose the card type you want. And it will give you a front to fillup so that you can finally create your Payoneer and then your account is ready to go.

After you signup and your application are approved you will receive the Payoneer MasterCard within 15 to 20 days at your location. With Payoneer, you can do 10 transactions per day, and if the transaction is between Payoneer to Payoneer account holders, You do not have to pay any transfer charges.