How to free up space on your phone?

Almost every user has to face this problem of storage space in their android phone. So, today we will discuss some of the processes to free up space on your phone.

1.Backup your phone to the cloud: It is the best method to back up your picture in a secure and also free up the space of your phone. Cloud services are free to use at a certain limit if you need more space than that you have to pay for it. Cloud provides different kinds of storage services like one drive, google drive or dropbox, and many more.

  1. Uninstall apps that you don’t use: There are some apps on your phone that you don’t use regularly and they are one of the reasons for consuming space on your phone. They take up a huge portion of the phone storage. You can delete them in order to free spaces and download them whenever you need them.

  2. add storage to your phone: Your phone may not have an SD card installed in it, maybe so there is no space on your phone. You can add a micro SD card to your phone if you have a micro SD card slot.

  3. Delete photos and videos: There are lots of pictures and videos that are shot accidentally or that are duplicates. Even to get one perfect picture you click lots of pictures. You can delete those pictures that actually are not your favorite.

  4. Delete your previous downloads: I personally download lots of files and use them and then left them. It also has now nothing to do with any of my works at present, but still, they are on my phone. So, search for the downloaded file that you once used and it can no longer be in use of yours. Delete them.

  5. Watch photos and videos online: There are lots of photos and videos that you can see online but you still choose to download them. They occupy much more space on your phone.

  6. Backup phone locally: You can backup up your phone to your computer or hard drive disk. They not only free up your space on the phone but also provides a secure way of storing your files.