How to apply to study in Finland from Nepal

Until 2015, Education was free for all in Finland. It attracted a lot of international students. But starting in 2015, Finland has introduced tuition fees for international students. Most degree programmes are available from the University of Applied Sciences (polytechnics).

Applying for study in Finland includes the following process and it is not necessary to involve an educational consultancy.

  1. Find the information on the degree you wish to study from Studyinfo
  2. Studyinfo contains everything from applying to study to how to apply for a resident permit
  3. Make sure you have all the requirement that are mentioned for the study you are applying like IELTS, SAT, GMAT or any other requirements
    4.When the application opens fill the application and wait to hear from the university if you are invited for examination ()
  4. The examination is currently held in India, prepared to go to India (for master’s there are no examination)
  5. If you pass the examination, the university will contact you with all the information to applying for a visa
  6. Apply for the residence permit
    Good luck <3