How do you know if your site is penalized?

You need to have a well-structured plan when you are getting on with link-building or SEO strategies to get your websites ranked. However, with most of the link-building methods comes the risk of a potential Google penalty to your site.

Your website can be knocked out of the top rankings too. Many webmasters are left trailing in the dust, as their websites lose all their profitable ranking while paying penalty for the Search Engine.

Some of the webmasters even do not have the idea if their website is penalized or not. First of all, how do you recognize if your website is penalized? you will notice a sudden drop in the traffic to your website. Also, to find out if the website has been manually penalized, you have to log into your Google Search Console Account and check the notification. However, a manual penalty is usually accompanied by a message in your GSC account and if your website is not submitted to GSC, you can still submit in order to check for a manual penalty.