How can I Improve my brainpower?

Today we will discuss some of the factors that help to improve brainpower.

  1. Everyday Wish to Learn: Give your brain an extension. Make a daily habit and learn a new topic on Google before sleeping. Apart from this, you can increase your knowledge through new words. Be ready for new work, new recipes, daily exercise. Such methods can change your life.

  2. Sun needed: Sunlight activates your brain. Staying in the low sun is not beneficial for the brain. Vitamin D makes your brain active and performs better. This keeps the brain young.

3.Play Tetris game: Makes the brain strong. The brain of those who play the game of Tetris works fast. Stay active and find new avenues to cross the level of the game. It is said that the memory of those who play Tetris is better.

4.drink water: If your brain does not get enough water, you will feel tired, the concentration will be weak and there will be a headache. Drink about eight glasses of water a day. Water is best but you can also have fruit juice, tea or milk.

  1. Eat regularly: To keep your blood sugar level steady and energize the brain, eat healthy food thrice daily. Also, take healthy snacks in between. Eating healthy things will strengthen the brain.

  2. Laugh out loud: Research suggests that laughter improves short-term memory. Laughing increases the secretion of a particular type of hormone (endorphin), which increases your reasoning capacity and reduces stress.

  3. Get enough sleep: Every person must get enough sleep for 7-8 hours. During sleep, the brain stabilizes recently received information and memories. By getting enough sleep, you cross the entire spectrum night cycle, which is necessary for the optimal brain during waking. A small nap taken during the day’s fatigue recharges your brain.

  4. Yoga: Yoga also changes your brain. According to some research, in addition to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, yoga protects the brain from shrinking with age.