Doing Business in Nepal

Every college graduate says the same thing – it’s BUSINESS rather than a JOB that makes dreams come true. That’s true! But have you ever thought what it takes to register a business in Nepal?
According to World Bank’s Doing Business Report Nepal poorly ranks in 135th position out of 190 countries. This is to say, it’s damn hard to register a business in Nepal than in other countries because there are several procedural and bureaucratic hassles to deal with. In average it takes 23 days to register a business in Nepal. However, it takes only 8 days in average to get your start up registered in OECD (developed) countries. The Government of Nepal has introduced online company registration facility, however it still takes more than 20 days to get the thing done. Companies in Nepal had to make around 39 payments and spend 353 hours to comply with fiscal obligations in 2017. However, the global average is only 24 payments and 237 hours.