Describe your primary/secondary school experience in Nepal?

Like many middle-class parents in Nepal, my parents did their best to send me to an English school in Pokhara. I was studying in 5th grade at a primary school in a village and when I was admitted to an English school 5th grade in a government school was equivalent to 3rd grade in the English school. So, I started from 3rd grade again.

Anyway private school was a lot heavy for me. Too many lessons and homework. The common misconception in Nepal is a lot of homework is better for kids. If I remember correctly we used to have 8 lessons every day. And we used to have only one lesson in Nepali. Speaking in Nepali was forbidden and punishable. There used to be fine like 5 Nepalese rupees.

The teachers were merciless when it comes to pupils who failed to do their homework. Corporal punishment was way too common. One of these days I think about pupils who used to get punishment and scolding on every period. I think what they are doing these days. The only thing that comes to my mind is what kind of effect such punishment might have in their life ahead. I do not think such punishment was the right way to discipline pupils.
One incident comes to mind regularly, one of the girls in our class did something and the principal slapped her. She fell down the stairs and had bruises on her hand. It was a horrible horrible thing to witness but we were helpless.
There were numerous accounts of teachers going wild on students. It was more parroting students than learning. I learned about the applications of some of the things we were taught in secondary school later in life.
I often heard students saying where do we need things and some Bravehearts used to ask such questions to teachers but they were often ridiculed.
Anyway, it was not the best experience of my life. I am grateful for the few friends I have though.