Affordability of higher education

Why school and college are so expensive in Nepal? How Nepalese people can afford higher education?

I think our education system has been turned into a business to produce manpower for foreign countries. The core theme for education is missing in Nepal due to such education model. Nepal do have enough government education institutions but the common mindset is private schooling is better. There is truth in that sentiment given the poor infrastructure of such institutions.
There is another question, would Nepalese government be able to handle the pressure if all private education providers are shut down tomorrow. Perhaps not.
The question of how such expensive education is possible given the poor state of Nepal and lack of employment in the homeland; the answer lies in foreign employment. Many people working abroad sent money home and most of it is spent in education for their children.
I do not want to point fingers to one or two private institutions but my relatives 5 years old son has 5000 Nepalese rupees fee per month. I once checked monthly bill and one topic really made me angry; photocopy. School is charging for cost of paper that is given to student. That makes me think what is fee being used for; isnt it paid for things like course material in class. Such shameless school owner do not think what length parent must have gone to send their kids to school. But well, perhaps that’s how capitalism works and perhaps sentiments should not be considered in business.

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